Through my experiences I have found and developed alternate choices for healing one’s self.

I had the good fortune of starting a business and eventually selling a successful company. Spent a year learning and studying the Bushveld Biome. Studying the biome had a deeper meaning from a spiritual perspective for me. These two experiences changed my life and I could no longer be part of mainstream thinking. I began a new journey of self-discovery.

My interest, amongst many other things I am passionate about, is human behaviour, what makes us who we are.  I have researched Alternate ways to heal ourselves both mentally and physically. I am accredited as a Wellness Coach.

I am certified as an NLP Practitioner and NLP Life Coach.  My life coaching methodologies are based on the training done with Dynamic Quantum Coaching.

Often an unspoken question is “What is my purpose?” I can truly say I have found mine.

When one becomes consciously aware of the self, the self will live a life of meaning and purpose.

Michel Sixel

What I offer

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